Created in 2005, Balyo designs, develops and markets totally innovative handling robots. Thanks to its navigation technology, unique inside buildings, Balyo transforms standard forklift trucks into standalone intelligent robots, capable of working alongside human operators.

The technological breakthrough introduced by Balyo has permitted fleets of robots to navigate in warehouses or in factories without any additional infrastructures. In contrast to traditional automated trucks, inflexible and costly, the Balyo model does not require lines on the floor or reflectors to guide it.

Geoguidance relies on the existing structural environment, walls, columns and racks, permitting auto-location by the truck in real time. The flexibility of this system directly addresses the emerging requirements of logistics today, which must continuously adapt and evolve with the demands of the market.

In 2015, Balyo, a company of 60 employees, signed a partnership agreement with the European leader in material handling, Fenwick / Linde, for the common commercialisation of a unique range of intelligent robots. Building on this success, Balyo signed in 2016 a second partnership with the American specialist in material handling Hyster Yale with an aim to growth increase in the Americas.

In line with the concepts of 4.0 Warehouse and factories of the future, Balyo offers industry and logisticians increased competitiveness in their goods handling operations.