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When you visit our website, (the “Website”), cookies are stored on your computer, tablet, or other device you (the “User”) may use. This allows us (the “Publisher”) to analyse traffic to our web pages and improve the Website. Cookies are used for the different purposes described below.
The user has the choice to accept or refuse cookies by using the buttons on the cookie banner.


Cookies (hereinafter the “Cookies”) are text files downloaded to a device when it is used to visit the Website or view an advertisement. Cookies are used for different purposes, including to collect browsing information on the User when he/she uses the Website and to provide tailored content and services to the User.

Cookies come in different forms:

  • Third-Party Cookies and Proprietary Cookies

Cookies are either “proprietary” or “third-party” Cookies, depending on the domain they are issued by. Proprietary Cookies are installed by the Website when the User accesses it. Third-party Cookies are Cookies installed by a domain that is not the Website’s domain (for example, a Cookie provided by a third-party audience measurement tool in place on the Website). When a User visits the Website and another entity installs a Cookie through the Website, that Cookie is a third-party Cookie.

  • Session Cookies

These Cookies allow the owners of the Website to track User behaviour during a browsing session. The browsing session begins when the User opens the browser window and ends when the User closes this window. Session Cookies are temporary in nature. Once the browser has been closed, all session Cookies are erased.

  • Persistent Cookies

These Cookies remain on the User’s device after the browser session ends, and are stored for a period of time specific to each Cookie. They are activated each time a User visits the Website.

Different types of Cookies are used on the Website for different purposes. Some are required to use the Website, while others are optional.

  • Mandatory Technical Cookies

These Cookies are needed for the Website to function properly. They allow the User to take advantage of the Website’s main features. Without these Cookies, the User cannot use the Website in a normal manner. These Cookies only require us to inform the User that they will be stored on the User’s device; they do not authorise behavioural tracking or identification of the User.

  • Functional Cookies

These Cookies allow us to tailor the User’s browsing experience on the Website by memorising his/her preferences. In particular, they allow the Publisher to:
adapt the Website’s presentation to the device’s display preferences (language, display resolution, operating system, etc.) during visits to the Website, depending on the device and browser used; memorise the User’s input on the Website’s forms or information chosen by the User on the Website.

  • Audience Measurement Cookies

Audience measurement Cookies make it possible to establish statistics on traffic to the Website and the use of different parts of the Website. They allow the Publisher to make the Website more interesting and ergonomic.

  • Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies allow us to determine which advertisements you should be shown on third-party websites, based on the User’s browsing history on the Website. This serves to limit the number of advertisements displayed, measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, or adapt advertisements to suit User preferences if the User has consented to this.

  • Behavioural Analysis Cookies

Behavioural analysis Cookies identify which information on the Website might be of most interest to the User in order to help improve his/her browsing experience and make the website more interesting, as well as to make any messages sent to the User more relevant (if he or she has previously agreed to this option). If personal data has been provided by the User – including, in particular, through the forms available on the Website – the Publisher may, if the User provides his/her consent, tie the browsing information gathered via Cookies to the User’s personal information, in order to, for instance, send the User direct online marketing messages or display targeted advertisements from the Publisher, entities from the Publisher’s group, or third parties on the User’s device.

At any time, the User can use the following link to request to opt out of direct online marketing tailored using the navigation information gathered via the device: [HUBSPOT OPT-IN form]. This can also be accomplished by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in all marketing materials sent by the Publisher by email. The User may, at any time, choose not to receive tailored advertisements on his/her device by following the instructions set out below in the paragraph entitled “User Cookie Preferences”. If the User refuses behavioural advertising, the User will continue to be served online advertisements, but the advertisements shown on the Website will no longer correspond to his/her interests or to the preferences set in the User’s browser.

The Website uses Cookies from the following providers:

  • Mandatory Technical Cookies and Functional Cookies:
    – Infostrat
    – Google
    – HubSpot
  • Audience Measurement Cookies
    – Google Analytics
    – HubSpot
  • Advertising Cookies
    – Google Ads
    – LinkedIn
  • Behavioural Analysis Cookies
    – HubSpot


The first time a User connects to the Website, the User is informed that the Publisher’s partners and any other identified third parties may send them Cookies via the Website. Only the issuer of a Cookie can read the information contained in a Cookie, and the Publisher has no access to or control over the Cookies that third parties may use. The issuance and use of Cookies by third parties are subject to their privacy policies and to the terms of this Policy. Accordingly, the User must visit the websites of these third parties for more information on the Cookies they store and how the User can manage them.

User Cookie Preferences
The User can decide on which cookies are stored on his/her device in the following way:

  • Mandatory technical Cookies and functional Cookies are enabled by default, and the User cannot disable them, as these Cookies are required to use the Website;
  • The User can disable or enable storage of Cookies that require the User’s consent (audience measurement Cookies, behavioural analysis Cookies, advertising Cookies) by using the cookie banner or by modifying his/her browser settings. If any of these Cookies are disabled, they will not be downloaded to the User’s device;

For information on the Cookie configuration settings applicable to different browsers, the User can visit the specific help page for his/her browser:

– Microsoft Internet Explorer:
– Microsoft Edge:
– Google Chrome:
– Safari for Mac:
– Safari for iPhone/iPad:
– Firefox:
– Opera:

If the User enables Cookie storage on his/her device, Cookies from the pages and content that he/she has consulted may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of the User’s device. Only the issuer of the Cookies will be able to read them. The User’s consent remains valid only for the period specified in the table above. This period begins from the first time the Cookie is stored on the User’s device following receipt of consent from the User.

If the user disables Cookie storage on his/her device or browser, or if the User erases any Cookies that have been stored on it, the User will receive a message indicating that his/her experience on the Website might be different from that of other Users who have enabled Cookies. This can also occur when the Publisher or one of the Publisher’s service providers is technically unable to determine the type of browser used by the device, the language and display settings, or the country from which the device appears to be connecting. In any case, the Publisher disclaims all liability in the event of poor performance of the Website resulting from the User’s refusal to accept Cookies.

Learn More
To learn more about cookies, the User can visit the website of the French Data Protection Authority (the CNIL). In particular, we recommend the following page (in French):

The User can also visit, a website created by online advertising firms from the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), overseen in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. Users can learn which companies participate in this platform and allow them to accept or refuse the Cookies that they use to tailor advertisements displayed on the User’s device or store the User’s browsing information. To learn more, visit: