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A typical warehouse runs a multitude of missions every day that depend on each other for efficient throughput.
We offer robotic solutions that help you carry pallets throughout your facility, whether it is from the inbound receiving area, pulling carts in a production environment, inter-building transport, or finally high bay storage using reach or very narrow aisle (VNA) robots. 

At BALYO, we aim to simplify your process from manual to automated, managing the change seamlessly. Our robots not only work with each other in perfect synchronization, but also interact with your existing automation setup like WMS, or mission management to maximize the efficiency of your operations. Our fleet of infrastructure-free material handling solutions are flexible enough to be deployed for almost any pallet movement within the warehouse, big and small.

Our robot portfolio is broadly classified into two application categories: horizontal and vertical.

We deploy robotic pallet trucks to transfer pallets from,say, inbound lanes to a staging area, while a robotic tugger can help you pull carts with materials, typically used in production environments.

We have developed robotic stackers, standard and counterbalanced, to handle conveyor pick & drop, interact with palletizers, or move pallets from one working area to another, and even bring back empty pallets.

Finally, our most advanced robotic solutions help you handle critical high bay storage applications with ease. Whether it’s our narrow aisle (2.9m) reach robot or our extra high (17m) VNA robot, you can maximize your vertical space and get more out of your existing warehouse setup.


Horizontal Applications

Explore all the pallet transfer operations you can manage with robots ! Docking lanes to Buffer zone, Production to Wrapping machines...

Vertical Applications

Explore all the pallet storage operations you can manage with robots. Racking storage, Block stacking...