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BALYO robotic autonomous guided vehicle (AGVs) solutions are built to help you manage change from the manufacturing floor to precision throughput in the warehouse or distribution center. Simple robotics is at the core of our development. For twenty years we have been simplifying the process to go from quote to fully running in less time than purpose built robotic solutions. With our full range of tuggers to VNAs, we have the right robotic forklifts to fit almost any industry and supply chain application in operation today.

Our easy to deploy robotic solutions cover a wide area of applications within the warehouse, allowing companies to leave pallet movements, horizontal or vertical to robots in a safe and efficient way. By building our robots on standard industrialized forklifts, our robots are well known by the operators in the warehouse, leading to a rapid deployment & training.



From 3PL to FMCG, BALYO has the widest range of robots to serve your specific industry supply chain needs. 


Be it long continuous horizontal pallet movements, or extra high bay rack storages, BALYO’s range of robotic solutions can handle a wide range of warehouse and distribution center.