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Adapted to your facility
Each company has a specific technical architecture which is a combination of hardware elements (conveyors, racks, palletizer etc.), software (WMS, ERP etc.), human actions (push buttons) or advanced automated process integrated with Programmable Logic Controllers working under specific protocol (modbus, profinet, profibus…).

Our robotic solution can be integrated into the existing architecture using an IT interface, additional equipment or robot coded intelligence. Mission orders can be retrieved and sent to our robot fleet management system using:


interfacing with our Robot Manager to receive & send messages (status, mission orders)

Sensors & PLC network

adding pallet sensors on your infrastructure or machines reporting a load status

Human intervention

pushing a button or directly triggering missions on the Robot Manager interface or robot HMI

Task sequence

using the robot front safety laser to scan a floor storage area and detect available spaces to drop a pallet
Taking control
Mobile robotics fleet manager must oversee equipment status, appoint missions and organize traffic. Centralisation of these inputs allows the Robot Manager to act in response to real time events and switch behavior. Our system can automatically select the right robot for the right mission according to distance, battery level, etc.

The Driven by BALYO Robot Manager can also plan tasks according to specific needs, and missions can be prioritized in line with heavy triggers. The customer can lead its mission planning or concede to the ERP/WMS to endorse which mission shall be executed first.
No roadblock
No roadblock

Traffic management is an essential part of our technology, increasing the overall system intelligence.

Robot Manager supervises the robot network in real time, granting access or holding back robots to avoid congestion and secure transit.

It governs movements of each autonomous vehicle on the circuit and can hold a robot in a specific area according to robot virtual size and other mobile robots’ positions. The Robot Manager, acting as a traffic controller, will allow robots to move on the circuit according to installation needs avoiding deadlock.



There is nothing better than a live trial to give you the best overview of what our robots are capable of. That is why we give you the opportunity to get a Proof of Concept in your facility

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