From automation to robotics, a simple solution driving your change

The Driven by Balyo Technology is the result of 10 years of research and development in the robotics field. Changing the paradigm of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), our technology brings the automated material handling to an unreached level: robotics.

While traditional AGV solutions are cumbersome to install and difficult to modify, the simplicity of the Driven by Balyo Technology eliminates these constraints, reaching one goal: customers satisfaction.

Contrary to fixed and rigid AGVs, our self-guided trucks can now perceive and interact in real-time with their environment, taking decisions autonomously. The trucks’ smart safety systems make it possible, for the first time ever, for humans and robots to work together in a shared environment: cobotics.

In line with the Warehouse and Factory 4.0 concepts, our solution is fully connected to our customers’ systems (machines, ERP/WMS, doors, conveyors, ...), and offers increased competitiveness in their goods handling operations.