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Be it just in time reaction of the automotive industry, picking and placing pallets in FMCG, or handling high bay storage racking in 3PL, BALYO autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) solutions can serve virtually any industry that needs to move pallets faster, with less labor and looking to improve overall operational efficiency.

Our full range line of robotic forklifts are built on standard OEM base units for maximum flexibility, operation, and service. 


Explore some (of the many) industries we serve


Today’s 3PL industries are required to quickly adapt to change to stay ahead of the curve. Space is limited, while consumer demand peaks at an all-time high. Going vertical to maximize their existing space provides numerous opportunities for 3PL industries..

BALYO has developed tailor-made robotic solutions for 3PL companies that are easy to deploy and scale and require no infrastructural revamp to automate inbound to outbound processes while gaining tighter control over inventory management.


The automotive industry has constantly found new ways to reinvent its production model. Just-in-time management and reliability have become the key bearers of success. Improved quality, goods reliability, and higher operator safety are just some of the benefits that robots could bring to the automotive industry.

BALYO’s flexible approach to robotics for the automotive industry helps companies increase plant efficiency.


Myriad of supply chain disruptions have pushed the e-commerce industry towards an automation boom. Multitude of SKU handling requires tighter space utilization and easy goods traceability.

To match the needs of these fulfillment centers, BALYO has developed robotic solutions that have 360 degree safety and are integrated with ERP systems. From cross-docking to packaging to outbound processes, you are covered.

Consumer Goods

Fast Moving consumer goods handle highly delicate SKUs that require high bay inventory storage yet fast access to outbound lanes.

By accomplishing end-to-end autonomy in various warehouse projects, BALYO has developed robotic solutions that are able to thrive in high-pressure environments and crucially be flexible to grow as per the industry trends. 

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