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5 things you need to check before choosing your provider

May 11, 2023

 > Additional Infrastructures needed: depending on the frequency you change the layout of your facility, you should definitely take into account the time necessary to redeploy your robots. Infrastructure-free navigations being faster and cheaper to set up.

> Product range depth: this is the key when selecting  a supplier. You have to make sure your supplier can provide the right products to robotize new applications in the future. Our experience shows that once you start moving to automating, you often choose to extend the solution to new logistic flows. If the chosen provider has a limited range of products you may struggle with further deployment and put at risk your automation strategy. 

> Performance tracking: there can be a gap between perception and real performance of your robotic system. You should expect from your supplier a tool that allows clear performance reporting, aligned with the industry standards.

> Level of service : whether you are a small or a large company, you need the same level of service at local or global level. It is mandatory to evaluate the ability of your supplier to fix your robots at anytime, anywhere.

> Real life vs theory:  challenge your supplier by asking their case studies or by getting in touch with one of his customers. To validate your final decision, you could also request a Proof Of Concept, to evaluate supplier ability  to quickly deploy a simple project at your facility.