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How reliable are AGVs?

May 18, 2021

You are exploring AGV solutions to automate your pallet transfers! You have already assessed how AGV solutions would help you save labor costs and in turn, increase your productivity! (If not, see, why AGV is an investment to look at?)

One potential aspect of your decision-making process would be to gauge the reliability of such systems? Will it be able to achieve the desired results? If so, what is the robot uptime?

Reliability and efficiency go hand-in-hand. There is always a responsibility on the effective AGV providers to design robots that can solve the challenging demands of industries. AGVs can provide a strong case for industry 4.0 and connected technologies by eliminating the risk and repeated procedures involved.

We understand AGVs run on the commitment of reliability and safety, and this is how we ensure them.

Safety (Navigation, 3D perception, PLd lasers)

Numerous research studies have predicted how safe and productive AGV solutions can be. With favorable operating conditions, AGV systems will vastly improve good handling ability and ensure safer operations. This design, coupled with the industry-best safety system, makes today’s AGVs flawless. Usage of PLd level 360 deg safety enables AGVs to dynamically detect obstacles. When spotting one, they are programmed to either slow down or stop altogether depending upon the distance.

Usage of advanced new (3D) perception enables much safer handling of loads. Therefore, pallet pockets are referenced with a 3D perspective rather than a 2D perspective, increasing the accuracy of load handling

Dual Mode

Having a dual control over AGV increases the handling ability of your system. Seasoned robotics suppliers can provide flexibility in your pallet transport solution, by offering a completely anonymous and advanced truck. With the touch of a button, you also have the ability to maneuver manually, should you require it.

Do more with same people

With reliable AGVs, you effectively retrain and reorganize your workforce into doing more value-added tasks. Your reorganization is made simpler by the fact that leading AGVs today ensure the availability of robots up to 98% (Depending upon project and application) and 100% throughput. This ensures that robots today can not only handle rigorous demands but also potentially help create lean manufacturing practices.

* Note : AGV = Autonomous Guided Vehicles

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