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5 key points to take into account while writing your specifications

May 18, 2021

Writing your project specifications is one of the most important steps of your robotic project.

Before moving forward, there is something you need to know:

> What are the factors driving your decision ?

  • OPEX
  • Product Quality
  • Safety Improvements
  • Lean / Reliable material flows
  • Workplace improvements
  • Robot reliability

> What are your warehouse specifications?

  • Types & conditions of the floor
  • Warehouse dimensions (ceiling height, doors, etc.)
  • Aisle width
  • Indoor/outdoor use?
  • Atmospheric & environmental conditions
  • Safety measures

> What types of pallets / loads do you need to lift?

  • Type of loads
  • Load characteristics
  • Material of pallets
  • Pick/drop height

> What is your flow system?

  • Pick/ Drop points distances
  • Quantity of flows
  • Quantity of loads/hour
  • Type of flows
  • Type of pick/drop points

> What kind of communication technology is required?

  • Wireless technology
  • Communication with devices ( doors, fire alarm, conveyors, ERP/WMS, etc.)

These questions will set the basis of a successful robotic project and need to be described in your specification document. It will allow you to get commercial and technical offers in line with your technical and operational requirements.