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Vous pensez que les véhicules autonomes vont changer le monde ? Pionnier de la robotique mobile en France, BALYO propose une solution unique de véhicules autonomes pour la manutention.Nous vous proposons de participer à cette Révolution !En 2015 et 2016, BALYO a conclu deux partenariats stratégiques avec deux géants de la manutention : Linde Material Handling et Hyster-Yale Group. Grâce à ces deux alliances, la technologie Driven by BALYO est présente sur tous les marchés mondiaux. A Paris, Boston, Singapour et Xiamen, BALYO dispose de bureaux et d’équipes locale pour bousculer le marché avec ses solutions innovantes qui transforment des chariots de manutention standards en robots totalement autonomes.Depuis juin 2017 BALYO est cotée sur Euronext. Dans le cadre de notre forte croissance et de perspectives de développement soutenues à l’international, nous recrutons un Project Manager (H/F) pour rejoindre nos équipes.

Poste et missions

Au sein du département Opérations, vous interviendrez conjointement sur différents projets depuis la phase d’avant-vente jusqu’à la mise en service de l’installation.

Vous serez le garant de la bonne marche des activités suivantes:

  • Réalisation de l’étude de faisabilité technico-économique, en lien étroit avec le Business Dévelopment.
  • Application de la procédure de gestion de projet BPMS
  • Rédaction des Customer Specifications
  • Pilotage des activités internes de design, de production et de validation
  • Organisation et pilotage de l’installation chez le client
  • Mise en place et suivi de planning et de budget
  • Pilotage du client, des équipes en interne et des partenaires éventuels.

Descriptif du profil recherché

École d’Ingénieur, avec une expérience de 2 à 5 ans dans le pilotage de projets mécatroniques complexes (automobile, aéronautique, oil&gas).

  • Capacité à piloter de façon efficace et proactive plusieurs projets en parallèle
  • Sens du service client
  • Vous disposez de compétences en mécanique, électronique, développement de software embarqué
  • La maîtrise de l’anglais est indispensable, celle de l’allemand sera fortement appréciée



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Your future needs

Usually, customers start their robotic investments with an installation of 3 robots (average). But keep in mind that our solution is designed to scale your operations up! After your first deployment, our experts are available to think about your future optimizations and new robotized material flows.
For example, after having automated supplies and removals of your production line, the next step can be to automate the vertical storage of your finished goods. Don’t forget, Robotics is a journey.


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Let’s start with BALYO

Now that you’ve ordered your BALYO robotic solution, the whole project team will be focused on delivering the targeted performance level.
BALYO teams will drive your success by providing you with all the performance analysis you need (Statistic Tool) to understand how your robots and human operators behave.
All along your journey, we will recommend the best optimizations to successfully implement your robotized processes.

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Your Project Kick-Off

The Kick-Off is the first step of the BALYO Project Management Process. Prior to the Kick-Off meeting, our project manager will prepare a list of documents including the application-specific customer specifications, technical specifications, the project risk analysis & the project planning. Then, these documents and milestones are presented to you during the Kick-Off meeting.

Before your installation 
After an internal validation of the Software and Hardware bricks needed for your robotic project, the manufacturing process starts. In parallel, our project manager helps you prepare everything before robot commissioning: IT infrastructure & Software interfaces readiness, risk analysis recommendations implemented, site adaptations made, etc. Once the robots are produced, we perform an internal commissioning to test and validate all the safety and functional features before shipping the autonomous forklifts to your facility. All the results are obviously shared with you.

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Installation phase

Once the robots are delivered to your facility, the job of the field engineer in charge of installing your BALYO system starts: mapping of the building, routes design, pick & drop points design, testing etc.
During this phase, we validate all functionalities with you, as well as safety and interfaces tests/reports in real conditions. We also train your teams to work alongside robots in a new cobotic environment. The ramp-up of your installation is ensured by measuring performances all along the process until the handover milestone, where you officially take the lead on your robotic system!

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The handover formalizes transfer possession and risk from BALYO or its partners to the customer, meaning the system can be run without the presence of BALYO or its partners. The handover may contain “non-blocking open points” which will be dealt with in a final fixes phase. A non-blocking open point is an issue which does not hinder the system to achieve its contractual performance.

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Final Acceptance

The purpose of the final fixes phase is to close open points raised during the handover. When the robotic system is fully compliant to its specifications, the Final Acceptance is signed by all parties.

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Now your robots are fully operational, your main contact will be the service team. Organized by level of maintenance actions (base truck, hardware, software), our group of experts will support you whatever the issue is, ensuring continuity of your operations at the expected level of performance.

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Thanks to the BALYO Statistics Tool, you can track the performance of your system. Based on efficiency standards such as OEE or PackML data, our monitoring tool gives you the ability to follow and optimize your installation on a daily basis.


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5 things to check before choosing your supplier

Before making your final decision, here is a list of advises to choose a supplier based on your current needs, but not only!

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Request a demo at BALYO

You now know a little more about the players and technologies available, your robotic project takes shape and you want to see a robotic lift trucks in real life? It’s possible! Fill out this short form and make an appointment directly with one of our experts in one of our showrooms.

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Request a Proof Of Concept in your facility

You have been in touch with one of our experts and need to see what a robot is capable of in your facility? It’s possible! Complete this short form and book an appointment!

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How do you generate savings? Tricks to calculate your ROI

Customers usually compare the cost of purchasing a robotic system with the drivers salary which represents 80% of a pallet movement cost. This is a start, but this is not the only element to take into account.

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Estimate your cost savings

Today you can easily automate more than 80% of warehouse applications. Our smart and free simulator, MyCashBox, helps you to find your automation opportunities and get a quick overview of your potential savings.


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5 key points to take into account while writing your specifications

Here is a short list of advices you need to review before writing your robotic project specifications. Don’t miss it!


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Evaluate market players and technology

Before investing your time in a robotic project, it is important to understand what are the trends of the material handling and AGV markets. Get an overview of the AGV player typologies and technologies by downloading our white paper.

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What applications can you cover ?

You’re thinking about a specific application for your future robots? Have a quick review of all the material flows our technology can robotize with an incredible product range.

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How a robotic project is priced?

This is the question our customers always ask first! As robots’ deployment requires an important investment from your company, it is mandatory for you to understand how a robotic project is priced.
Here is some key information we would like to share to help you out!