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Correlate robot and surroundings
Correlate robot and surroundings
Transporting goods needs to be carefully executed. BALYO has developed the best algorithms to exactly calculate localization and position of autonomous vehicles toward a single target: the load. Whereas manual operation accuracy is not always guaranteed, the BALYO relative algorithm measures obstacles around the vehicles, and guides the robot precisely to the correct picking or dropping spot.

Thanks to a detection algorithm, the robot uses 3D camera information to transform them into a recognizable 3D-model object. This feature enables us to control, at each step of a load pick or drop, the relative distance of the object.
All the 3D information available are compared to the 3D digital model of the object previously stored into the robot memory.
Load detection
Track and process the right load
Traceability of the loads during your operations ensures that the overall process is respected and compliant.

Integration of a barcode reading component, connected into our system, has enabled our robots to read different existing format of barcodes such as 2/5 interleaved, Codabar, Data Matrix ECC200, QR code. Information is retrieved and transmitted to the robot manager and can be used to trigger specific actions. An ERP/WMS can thus request transport of an identifiable load that the robot will verify before carrying its mission.
Monitoring operations
Different control steps occur during a robot mission. Load inspection reduces drop risks while moving or picking a load.
Inspection and controls are performed by combining hardware elements, mission logic and software features. These operations aim to assess:
Dimensions measurement

Dimensions measurement

contouring and evaluating the height and width of the load

Anti-drag and push control

Anti-drag and push control

inspection of slippage risk of load on a dedicated infrastructure

Free space control

Free space control

inspection of remaining space before dropping a pallet in a rack

Slippage control

Slippage control

controlling and ensuring load stability while moving

Uninterrupted message exchanges between the robot manager and robots ensure satisfactory mission execution and will cease the mission if a risk is detected.


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