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BALYO’s Continued Commitment to Environmental and Societal Impact: 2023 Impact Report

April 24, 2024

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, it's imperative to spotlight the importance of not just talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to environmental and societal impact. The release of BALYO's Impact Report for 2023 showcases a company-wide effort towards global sustainability and societal equity, highlighting significant achievements and ambitious goals for the future.


BALYO's continuous journey to sustainability


Environmental Impact: Leading an Industry Wide Charge in Ecodesign and Sustainable Practices

One of BALYO's standout achievements in 2023 was our commitment to ecodesign, a pivotal step towards reducing our environmental footprint. Joining the Pôle Eco-conception and training teams in conducting life cycle assessments demonstrate a proactive approach towards understanding and mitigating environmental impacts. By focusing on weight reduction and exploring alternative materials like wood for specific AGV robot components, BALYO is pioneering the integration of sustainable practices into our product development processes.

Looking ahead to 2024, BALYO plans to explore lighter battery technologies and extend our ecodesign efforts beyond the company, fostering an industry-wide vision for sustainable machines of the future. With initiatives like the development of a whitepaper on ecodesigned robots, we aim to lead change and inspire others to follow suit.


Operational Excellence: Driving Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Practices

BALYO's commitment to sustainability extends throughout our operations, including logistics and supply chain management.

Introducing the EcoFreight score for assessing CO2 emissions related to shipments and reducing plane deliveries by 43% demonstrate a concerted effort to minimize environmental impact in transportation. Additionally, a focus on reducing commissioning trips by pioneering new web-based tools for customer enablement during AGV deployments further contributes to BALYO's goal of sustainable business practices.

In 2024, BALYO plans to achieve a minimum 'B' grade in EcoFreight analysis, initiate an influence strategy in sustainable logistics, and continue to explore sustainable packaging solutions. By prioritizing sustainability at every stage of our operations, BALYO is setting a high standard for responsible corporate citizenship amongst AGV companies.


Societal Impact: Empowering Gender Diversity and Employee Engagement

BALYO's commitment to societal impact extends beyond environmental measures to encompass initiatives promoting diversity and employee engagement. Accelerating HR initiatives in 2023 led to the implementation of tools like the Conversent platform for whistleblowing and the One Trust e-learning solution for training on cognitive biases and fair recruitment procedures. These efforts not only ensure a more inclusive workplace but also foster a culture of transparency and accountability.

Furthermore, BALYO's dedication to enhancing the representation of women within the company is evident in our recruitment efforts and support for women's mobility. With targets set to increase the share of women in both the workforce and management positions by 2025, BALYO is actively working towards gender equality and empowerment.


Looking Ahead: A Continuous Journey Towards Sustainability

As we reflect on our achievements in 2023 and ambitious goals for 2024, we’re committed to making a meaningful impact on both the environment and society. By integrating sustainable practices into our core business strategies and actively engaging all BALYOnauts in the process, we hope to not just set an example for the industry but also contribute to the global effort towards a more sustainable future.


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