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Your Robotic Journey In 4 Steps

March 12, 2021

Implementing robotics has numerous advantages that extends not just automating your material flows, but also extends to streamlining supply chain processes, creating qualified jobs, increasing good handling safety and ultimately increasing productivity.

This key step towards Industry 4.0 is often perceived as complex to implement. However with adequate groundwork and expertise, robotic project implementation can be as easy as it gets?

Want to know more? Spend little over a minute as we explain in this infographic video, the 4 key steps in a robotic journey.


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What are your key steps in a robotic project?

Step 1: Four questions to prepare yourself


  1. Who are the market players?
  2. What applications to cover?
  3. How are robotic projects priced?
  4. How will you generate savings?

Step 2: Writing project specifications

Three things to note:

  1. Factors driving your decision
  2. Warehouse specifications
  3. Flow and communication system

Step 3: Choosing a supplier


Three things to assess:

  1. Do you need additional infrastructures?
  2. Request a Proof Of Concept
  3. Estimate your cost savings
Tip : 3 parameters to evaluate a supplier
  1. What’s the level of service?
  2. Is performance tracking available?
  3. Are there any successful project references?

Step 4: Robot deployment


It’s a 4 phase process:

  1. Establish best practices
  2. Risk analysis and planning
  3. Robot installation and deployment
  4. Successful project handover

AND…THAT’S IT! You’re all set!


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